Our resource page is a list of handy links that we have used in our workshops.

Badge making

Demo of our Badge making machine

The Button Guy

Painting T-Shirts for Loud Shirt Day

See the Play list  of all the loud shirt videos or the list of the videos here.

Paper circuitry

Soft circuitry / Wearable electronics

Illuminated Origami

Bright Bunnies

Google Cardboard Virtual Reality viewer

Hologram Viewer videos


Join the Curtin Maker Community

We are creating an email list and a register of interested people to discover areas of interest, skills, experience and expertise in maker activities. If you would like to use the space for some making activity, or have ideas or enthusiasm for maker projects or activities, then please contact us.

Marie Clarke: m.clarke@curtin.edu.au phone: +61 8 9266 2249
Karen Miller: karen.miller@curtin.edu.au phone: +61 8 9266 2894
Matt Robinson: matt.robinson@curtin.edu.au phone: +61 8 9266 4295