The Makerspace fosters learning, exploration, innovation and play through making.  We support individuals and groups to learn new skills and develop maker projects, and coordinate workshops, drop-in sessions, collaborative projects and events. 

Curtin Library makerspace was established in 2015.  It aims to be a significant contributor to the development of a maker culture within the university by encouraging cross-disciplinary sharing of ideas and experience and enabling the development of innovative projects that contribute to both the teaching and research work of the university.   It aims to monitor the research in and development of Makerspaces around the world and share this intelligence with the University.

The Makerspace is the physical ‘hub’ or learning space for the community of makers within, or connected to, the Curtin community. Providing a learning environment equipped with a range of tools and materials, it is designed to encourage learning, exploration, innovation and play through self-directed learning.  Library staff facilitate participatory hands-on making activities through workshops and events.


We also seek to engage with the wider community to build relationships and collaborative partnerships with the purpose of  encouraging learning through making.  In so doing, we aim to strengthen the reputation of the Curtin Library, and that of Curtin University, as a driver of innovation.

We are keen to build our community of makers, so if you are interested in being involved or simply want to use the space, please visit or contact us!